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Technologies I'm planning to learn this year!

2022-01-07 · 3 min read

It's a new year! For me, that means choosing a new set of technologies to learn. This year, I'm planning on learning everything I'll need to become a full-stack web developer:

  • MongoDB: NoSQL database in the cloud.
  • Amazon S3: This belongs to the suite of tools known as Amazon Web Services (AWS), but I'm specifically interested in learning more about Amazon S3 because it's used for storing large files in the cloud, which MongoDB can't do.
  • TailwindCSS: "Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML." Or, write more semantic CSS... by not writing CSS at all and directly using utility classes in your HTML.
  • React: A state library in JavaScript. I've used it before, but I'd like to gain more experience using it, hopefully with Redux(a state container in JavaScript) this time as well.
  • Express: So far, I've been working with Python for web programming. However, I personally believe that when it comes to web programming, JavaScript is the better choice, since it can be used to integrate both the front- and back- end. Express is the de-facto choice in the case of JavaScript, and it's similar to Flask, so I'll be learning about it.
  • Next.js: Another de-facto web framework for JavaScript, designed to integrate directly with React.
  • Passport.js: Local login and OAuth library in JavaScript. I've never worked with OAuth (for example, the "Sign in with Google" button you typically see on every web application), but Passport is supposed to simplify the process of working with it.
  • NextAuth.js: Passport.js but specifically for integration with Next.js.
  • Stripe: Payment API. I've worked with it before in Flask, but I'm interested in learning how to use it with JavaScript.
  • Deso: The social media blockchain of the web, designed specifically to host large web applications that will need to store large amounts of data without harming the environment/generating major expenses.
  • TypeScript: Accordingly, "JavaScript with syntax for types".

This is a pretty long and ambitious list, and learning every piece of technology in it is one of my only goals for the year. For those who might be wondering how exactly I plan on doing it, I'm planning to learn it in small bursts, every time I attend a hackathon or find an opportunity to utilize a technology. Feel free to take inspiration for your own learning journey!